I live in São Paulo, and I work in PagSeguro PagBank

I have a wonderful wife and 4 beautiful kittens

I love listening to music and watching movies and series

I am a writer in my spare time, rambling on all possible subjects

I contribute with the columns Mendace Veritas and Gommunity

I write code and make stupid comments and curate memes on the internet

I have a more detailed resume if you want to look

My studies are focused on Kotlin, Go, digital marketing and investments


Cool things I’ve done

I wrote in the publications: GetupCloud and QueroQuitar

I’ve worked making all kinds of software possible in a software house

I helped build a social network (Mãeguru) for moms

I ventured into debt negotiation not once, but twice

Still in the financial sector, I learned a lot about bank reconciliation

Last update: 01/01/2020